Wednesday, June 14, 2006

All good things must come to an end

Going home today. After checkout, Bry and I got to go to HAM Radio Outlet and pick out a Amateur Radio unit for Father's Day. We are both studying for our license. We then met up with Brad and Mom in Disneyland and polished off a few last rides before lunch. We're now on our last Super Shuttle ride to LAX. Our Delta flight (885) leaves L.A. at 5:40pm (LA TIME) and arrives in Honolulu at 8:40pm (Hawaii Time). It will be nice to be home. I hope I can kick this sickness before my friend's wedding this Saturday. I'm in the wedding party!

(sent from my TREO. The hotel WiFi (free) was so intermittent it was nearly unusable. Watch for photos from Disneyland after I return home)


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