Thursday, June 01, 2006

Good start!

Written on flight from Honolulu:
Well we have had a good start to our vacation so far. As I write this, we are flying at 30,000 feet at 500 miles per hour and the outside temperature is –20 degrees! We have finally broken the Fewell curse of the start of every vacation going haywire at the airport! Everything went very smoothly. After we met everyone and got through check in and security, we all took over some tables outside Starbucks.

There are 14 of us traveling together on this trip. Rich and Emily Fewell and our 2 boys Bryan (11) and Bradley (8). Richard and Debby Ridao, and their 2 girls Becky (5) and Rachael (9). Eric (“Ike”) and Cathy Ikeuchi and their 2 children Donna (7) and Donovan (3). Lastly the originators and benefactors of our amazing trip, Andy and Betty Hirose, affectionately known to all of us and Grandma and Grandpa.

After we had settled in and gotten our venti frappacinomochalattasoyespresso whatevahs, it was time to celebrate Cathy’s birthday. Out of nowhere came leis and wishes of a happy birthday. One usually gets to sleep in on their birthday, but poor Cathy had to be up early and get her family to the airport for a trip that will be almost 24 hours of travel time to get to our destination.

There weren’t just gifts for Cathy however, there was stuff for everyone! Debby handed out a fun America themed activity book she assembled for all the kids to enjoy. Em was handing out little water bottle holders that she had designed and made, as well as special ID cards for the kids with all their critical info that they were to keep in their bag at all times. Uncle Richard passed out fluorescent green caps to every member of our entourage. Boy were we a sight! The front says “Reunion 2006 Hirose Ohana” and the back reads “Maui-Washington, D.C.-Philadelphia-New York-Disneyland-Honolulu”. It is going to be a great match with the T-Shirts Emily and I did (to be seen and discussed later).

We got a lot of looks as we approached the gate for boarding, but it really went very smoothly. We found our seats and made ourselves at home for the 5 hour trip. Many people were already napping 20 minutes into the flight.


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