Sunday, June 04, 2006

Long day...

This was a tough day, especially at the beginning.

Em got real sick last night, and in the morning she looked as bad as Brad. Brad kept protesting that he didn't want to go and Emily knew exactly how he felt. They got ready anyway while I went to get us breakfast. McDonalds was closed until 15 minutes before we departed on our Mount Vernon tour. When I did go back to order, I realized that the lady 2 places ahead of me had just ordered for all 45 kids in her class and the food was going to be a while. With 3 minutes left to spare I tried to cancel my order and get my money back and was grumpily handed most of my order which I just left with because I didn't have time to argue or to eat. When I got back, Em and Brad decided they couldn't go and that turned out to be a good decision for them. Brad slept until 1pm and Emily felt really bad after 10:00! She was able to feel like she was with us because she monitored this blog until she fell asleep. You may have noticed I posted a little more than usual.

When the bus did come, it wasn't big enough for all of us, so they had to send for another one! That took half an hour more! We did eventually go on the Mount Vernon tour and it was interesting. My favorite part was seeing Washington's Tomb. Mount Vernon was swarming with students in school tours and they would overwhelm all the places they went to see. The line to see inside the mansion was too long for most of us, and I wanted to get something for Emily and Bradley in the gift shop.

Gotta say that the pace we are keeping is too much. We're getting weary. Unfortunately the things we would have cut, we've already gone to. We moved our visit to the air and space museum to tomorrow, and went to the Museum of Natural History instead today. We're also visiting the capitol and the national archives tomorrow.

Got to get to sleep now. It's 8:38 and just now getting dark. Weird.




At 8:20 AM HST, Anonymous carrie said...

Wow! You guys are making me tired! Hope you are having fun. Sorry to hear some were sick. I'll pray that you get better fast and that no one else gets it! Have a great time!


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