Monday, June 12, 2006

Too Tired to Post

Wow, yesterday we pushed our endurance. We left our NY hotel at 3:30am and endured a harrowingly fast ride to LaGuardia International Airport. Because of the way the flights worked out we only had one meal, and that was after we settled into our California hotel rooms (3:30pm LA time...6:30pm NY time!). We had to do some laundry afterwards, but we discovered that the laundry center that we thought we had access to was still under construction (as well as the fitness center). My kids were bouncing off the walls at this point, so I took them to Disneyland while Em took the essential dirty clothes next door to wash there (2 blocks away!) Emily definately got the raw end of the deal there!

The kids and I stayed away from the big name rides we've been waiting for. We wanted to save those for when we were all together. We did do Tower of Terror which actually freaked Bradley out a bit. None of us really knew what we were in for so were were all quite surprised. We did "Honey I Shrunk the Audience", "STAR TOURS" and "Astro Blaster". By then Em called so we went to the shuttle stop to meet her. When she stepped off the trolly, it was like we were really starting our time at Disneyland.

As a family we did the Mattahorn (sp?) and Splash Mountain twice (no line!) the rode the train back to the front. When our train was at the back of Disneyland, the fireworks were going off right above us and they were so LOUD! Felt like a mortar attack! Exhausted we collapsed into bed at 1:30am New York time.

I realized I took almost no photos and did pick up an annoying tickle in my throat. I survived the night without a full blown 'sickness' attack, but I have to keep an eye on it.

I got up at 5:30am (LA time) this morning and have taken the time to check my email and get the blog up to date. The family will wake up in about 20 minutes and we'll see how everyone feels.

Thanks for everyone's comments and encouraging emails. We do enjoy getting them. I am having a little trouble sending regular emails via my server at home, so sorry if I haven't thanked you personally. In fact there may be a burst of old emails going out once I hook up to my home network, if I don't figure out how to defuse that situation.

Best Wishes from Mickey!

Rich and Family


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