Friday, June 23, 2006

Click Here: Video of Rich and Brad on GMA

To view, click the title above. Gotta look for the neon Green hats! You mostly see Brad who is sitting on Dad's shoulders. Once the shot settles we are to the right of Bill's shoulder. It's tough to see, but we are there! Everyone on KITV 4 News This Morning saw it and were looking at it frame by frame to find Rich!


At 7:21 PM HST, Anonymous Al said...

ok, i saw those clips live, but didn't see R & B? I guess I'll have to look again.

At 8:49 PM HST, Blogger Rich said...

Can't be blamed for that at all. We are itty bitty tiny. Look under the yellow lion for the flourescent green hat. That's Bradley, who is sitting on my shoulders. There is maybe 1 or 2 frames where you can actually see my face. Don't look too hard, you'll strain your eyes!


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